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Can I ask you before we start. Have you ever swayed by candlelight during a singalong that starts..."All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go, I'm standing here outside your door I hate to wake you up, to say goodbye.."

No? 18 odd people did just that here, last Friday.

The Stanhope Arms welcomes everyone who's looking for great company, a warm and friendly atmosphere, real ales, sparkling ciders, fine wines, holy spirits and best of all, a menu that has something for everyone and attracts regular diners from all over the county who just love great food.

If you're completely new to us, what's the first thing you'd like to know? Is The Stanhope Arms a typical village country Pub and Restaurant set in an idyllic location in Brasted, Kent, nestling between Sevenoaks and Westerham, situated right next to St. Martin's Church, along a leafy country lane? Well yes, but that's just the tip of a hot couldron. When I say typical, we're actually not really typical at all. We offer so much more than typical, as you'll see on this website. There's a lot to digest here, so grab a glass of wine, and take a minute to explore what's so much more than just a pub and restaurant down a leafly lane. Oh, yes, It's 'Leaving on a jet plane' in case you've been wracking your brains.

Our super landlady Sarah can charm the birds from the trees. What's this beautiful creature saying? "Why not come and try one of our super Sunday roasts" or something like...

It's a wonderful life for your four legged friend at the 'Stannie'. We've two girls of our own, why not come and make friends. "Now where's that water bowl.."

Our own in house DJ's Colin and Gavin, known professionally as GAVCOL. The new Chuckle Brothers..("What happened to the old ones?..Ade.) Gavin makes the right choice of shades for his shirt, while Colin thinks it must be for a bet. Seriously.. where would we be without them? (Hmm...ed.)

Every picture tells a story! Everyone's favourite Landlord and Lady Sarah and Ade demonstrate how this works. The fingers denote it takes two to run a succesful pub, whilst fisted left hand say who the Boss is.



6.00 till 10.30

(sorry no food)


12.00 till 10.30

(Pie & Mash Night)


12.00 till 10.30


12.00 till 10.30


12.00 till 11.00


12.00 till 11.00


12.00 till 10.30

The Stanhope Arms Church Road, Brasted  Kent TN16 1HZ  Tel: 01959 561970   enquiries@the-stanhope-arms.co.uk

'Bournemouth? It's no place for the old from what I've seen..."

One of our most loved and much missed Bar Boys Joe is currently turning into a full grown man at University. But he misses us all madly, so every now and then he writes a blog for us, telling us how it's going. It's funny, charming, rude, witty, heart warming and you can read the latest of Joe's blogs right here!

WARNING! Some of the content might be quite, well, racey.

Ex-Stanhope Bar Boy Joe's Uni Blog

Second installment coming soon!


...What's it like at Bournemouth Uni? Like a mixture of Tom Browne's schooldays, the Somme, an Ann Summers Party, Satyricon and Harry Potter. Hogwarts n' all..."

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He won't talk about it, but this was the magic day in 1968 when Gav met the fab four. He was a bit pissed,and he doesnt look any older now! Amazing!

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HAVING A PARTY? We've got the complete package all under one roof!...Multiple Menu choices from Cold Buffet, Hot Food to BBQ. We have the outside Barn for sit down meals, garden marquees

and outside heating areas. We can even supply a brilliant live band and / or disco. It really is a one stop shop for the perfect party! Call us for more information Tel: 01959 561970

Back to the Future...

Joe gives a lot of it up in

his exclusive Stanhope Arms Blog.