Welcome to The Stanhope Arms Brasted. How's your Marracas?

How good is your tambourine and marracas playing? How about your singing voice? Well depending on the mood of the evening we often hold a Friday night session of impromptu sit in the bar singing...all kinds of well worn tunes from the history of pop music!

If you want to get involved We give you stuff to play, bongoes, percussion, recorder, washboard...it's a liberal plethora of musical bing bongs you can join in with.! we sing jolly, melancholy, thoughtful, nostalgia, and it all goes on from about 9.00pm onwards. have your meal then step inside love, and join in while you drink for England! Its frightfully good fun! Nobody does this like us! In fact, nobody does this at all!

The Stanhope Arms welcomes everyone who's looking for great company, a warm and friendly atmosphere, real ales, sparkling ciders, fine wines, holy spirits and best of all, a menu that has something for everyone and attracts regular diners from all over the county who just love great food.

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This month's most cheeriest of selfies has to be this radiant picture of Sarah and Chrissie on the train.

Not many people smile on the Railway these days, that's why this particular pic is a joy to behold!



6.00 till 10.30

(sorry no food)


12.00 till 10.30

(Pie & Mash Night)


12.00 till 10.30


12.00 till 10.30


12.00 till 11.00


12.00 till 11.00


12.00 till 10.30

The Stanhope Arms Church Road, Brasted Kent TN16 1HZ  Tel: 01959 561970   enquiries@the-stanhope-arms.co.uk


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HAVING A PARTY? We've got the complete package all under one roof!...Multiple Menu choices from Cold Buffet, Hot Food to BBQ. We have the outside Barn for sit down meals, garden marquees

and outside heating areas. We can even supply a brilliant live band and / or disco. It really is a one stop shop for the perfect party! Call us for more information Tel: 01959 561970

..."Got my cartoon done free of charge, so i'm happy at possibly the best pub in the world to work at.."

Are you new here?

If you're completely new to us, what's the first thing you'd like to know? Is The Stanhope Arms a typical village country Pub and Restaurant set in an idyllic location in Brasted, Kent, nestling between Sevenoaks and Westerham, situated right next to St. Martin's Church, along a leafy country lane? Well yes, but that's just the tip of a hot couldron. When I say typical, we're actually not really typical at all. We offer so much more than typical, as you'll see on this website. There's a lot to digest here, so grab a glass of wine, and take a minute to explore what's so much more than just a pub and restaurant down a leafly lane.

Not so much so..

You've probably noticed Meghan around for the last few months. She's a really hard worker, and our customers have really warmed to her. She turned down the part as a Bond Girl in Skyfall, as she was learning advanced poker at a card school in Mexico.


New look Restaurant

knocks 'em bandy!

Our food isn't the only thing that's drawing heaps of praise at the moment. Our customers have been saying how much they love our new fab,  freshly painted, re-wooded using locally sourced decorating products, Restaurant.

It's tasteful, crisp, light and tasty...much like our food really! Please come along and soak up the atmosphere, and take in the wonderful view of wood, cream, mushroom, it's both a feast on the table, and on the eye!

Book now on: 01959 561970

In spite of all this, the popular comedy female duo Maud Sennapod and Elsie Stirrups are back in Panto once again this year, in the 1970's Brian Rix Christmas farce, "It's anuvver luvverly day Mrs. Mank" Running at Old Vic, The end of the bar, The Stanhope Arms, Brasted.

In this non updated version of the Rix classic, Vic chases them up and down the pantry until his trousers fall down. Hilarious! It's hard to imagine back in the 1950's they had a number one hit single called 'My old mans a bust man, but he's partial to a nice leg too!'

Their highly unsuccesful brand of wartime humour was made famous by their 2 week long running BBC RADIO 4 show "it's Mutton on a Sunday Mrs.Mank!" and You can catch them in Panto at the Granada Tooting... if it wasn't a Bingo hall now, currently closed for a 2 year defacing programme and organ replacement.

A good deal of Maud and Elsie's  shows get cancelled these days as many of the old venues, and many of the old audiences along with them, were bulldozed in the '70's, and are now luxury developments called: 'Astoria Place' or 'Hippodrome Apartments' and without being able perform their standard non-pc bawdy humour, with a touch of sexism thrown in, their act is only 3 minutes long these days.

Francesca holds back the beying crowd (Out of shot) with her renowned hand wrestling right arm!

She's tough as old boots that one!


Showbiz News!

At 21 Meghan's already decided she's going to marry for money. Meghan likes pretending shes never played cards, then coining all the money from the other naive poker players, she also loves: horse riding, fixing VW Beetles twin carbs, not eating anything at all, Metal Detecting and Greyhound Racing, although, to be fair the bright and breezy 21 year old has never done any of them.




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